Rules for all shows:


These shows have a lot of classes and will move quickly with minimal time between classes.  Please arrive on time and come well organized.  This will be necessary in order to finish in a timely manner.


There will be a total of 20 tables available. Table size is standard 8'


Additional tables (if any are available) may be reserved for an additional fee 30 days prior to the show. These tables may be 5', 6' or 8'.


Ribbons (paper, satin or neck) will be given for 1st to 6th place.  First and second place equids will receive a NAN card in all qualifying NAMHSA classes.  We will only be recording 1st to 3rd placing to submit to NAMHSA.


Rosettes, Trophies and/or Plaques will be given for Grand and Reserve Champion as well as Overall Champions.


OF Plastic (Original Finish)- are models such as those manufactured by Breyer, Stone and Hartland.  They have not been altered from their original condition.  The only changes allowed to OFP models are that they may have been restored or repaired to return them to their original condition if they were damaged.


Custom (CM) - Plastic or china models that have been repainted by another.  They may be simple repaints, or may have had some or extensive repositioning, resculpting and may have had hair added.


Artist Resin (AR) - Models which were originally sold unpainted by a company or the sculpting artist and then were painted by a finishing artist.  The finishing artist may be the same as the sculpting.  AR may have been painted on the original sculpture or customizing may have been done to the sculpture before the model was painted.

Other OF Classes - Other makes, includes Chinas, (ex, Hartland, Schleich, Papo, etc), 


Breed Halter Classes - Models will be shown as representatives of their chosen breed and will be judged on breed standards.


Documentation - Breed. Collectability and Performance documentation are very helpful to the judges.  Please limit to no more than 8 x 11 inches in size.


Tags - Exhibitors are to supply their own tags.  Model's breed and gender on one side, and model name and exhibitor's initials on the other size.  Please write legibly.


Models may NOT cross enter classes within the breed classes.  Models may NOT cross enter classes within collector and workmanship divisions.  A model may be shown in one breed class and one collector or workmanship class.

Exhibitors are limited to 3 models per class in Halter, and 2 in Performance.  You may "buy in" additional entries for $1.00 each.


Any size model may be shown.  Traditional, Classic, Stablemate, Pebbles, Chips and Micro-mini. 


Anyone using bad behavior or language, or exhibits poor sportsmanship will be asked to leave with no refund.


Judges decision is final.  Remember, it's their opinion.


Do not handle other's models without permission.


If you have a model that does not stand on it's own, please place on something soft.  It will be an assumption that the judge may pick up the model for inspection.


Classes with more than 20 entries in Halter, or 10 entries in Performance, will be split at the judges discretion.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be available for purchase on site all day.


OF Collector Classes - models will be judged on rarity and desirability to collectors. Collectability information is required.  Please note that the judge has the right to place horses with no information lower than those that have documentation.  A 3 x 5 card is sufficient.  This will make the judges' job easier.  *** include all special runs, number made, includes variations:  gender, mane/tail length, matte/glossy finish, FCM/non FCM.


Class 159 - Decorator/Woodgrain will include all copenhagen, gold charm, wedgewood, Florentine, silver filigree and woodgrain

Class 160 - Unrealistic/Scene will include any other non-realistic coloring not included in class

Class 161 - One of a Kind (OOAK) - Includes auction, test runs, artist proof, etc.

Class 166 - Premier Event includes Velvet Rope Event, Lone Star Experience, Sunshine Celebration Event, Passage to the Pacific, and the Big Easy Bash.  These models were originally available to those attending these events and were very limited in numbers

Class 167 - Web Special/Collector Club/JAH includes any specials that were available only through the JAH magazine, which morphed into the Collector Club and Web Specials.  These models were available online only or in a lottery style drawing.

Class 168 - Mail order includes all models that were only available by mail.  Examples are JC Penney, Sears, Montgomery Ward, QVC, Black Horse Ranch, etc.

Classes 170 to 172 - Regular Run Only (RRO)  Any model that is featured in their yearly catalog or the box catalogs.  Should have a number with 1-4 digits long.  Limited/Commemorative Editions, Treasure Hunt/Color Crazy, Ethereal Series, Collector Edition/Collector Choice etc. will be shown in these classes.  Mid-Year Releases will also show in this class. The last year the model was made will be the class you enter.  Example #48 Black Stretch Morgan, made from 1965 to 1987, would show in class 171) RRO 1980's.

Class 174 - Limited Editions/Special Run (LE/SR) - Any model NOT featured in the yearly or box catalogs.  This would include WEG, Treasure Hunt/Crazy Color Bonus, Christmas, Wal-Mart, Target, Tractor Supply, etc.


Workmanship - Models will be judged on quality, execution of work, accuracy, correctness and realism.  For Non-realistic they will be judged on creative use of color.  These classes are for CM and AR models.


Class 138 & 153 - Tobiano Pinto characteristics include white legs from the hock to knees, white crosses the back between the withers and the dock of the tail, white arranged in vertical pattern, patches are usually round or oval shape, dark color extends down neck.

Class 139 & 154 - Sabino Pinto characteristics include white belly spots, irregular face markings, especially white extending past the eyes or chin, white above the knees or hocks, and splash or lacy marks anywhere on the body with white legs.

Class 140 & 155 - Overo Pinto characteristics include irregular patches usually horizontally oriented.  White rarely crosses the back and legs are usually dark along with the tail, but the head is often white.  Splash Overo's will show in this class.

Class 141 & 156 - Other Combination/Loud Colors - Included in this class will be Tovero, Medicine Hat, Pintaloosa coloring, Rabicano, Brindle, etc.

Fantasy - NAMHSA eligibility is limited to equine-based unicorns and pegasi (or a combination of the two) only.  A "unicorn" is defined as an equine with a single horn attached at or near the forehead.  A "Pegasus" is defined as an equine with wings attached at or near the shoulders.  Wings can be of any type found in nature, and will not be limited to bird-like only.  Eligible animals will have an equine head, neck, body and legs.  Equine or cloves hooves are acceptable, and tails may be of any type.  OF will be judged based on collectability criteria, CM/AR will be judged on artistry.  Flight is not a stated criteria for judging.  Yellow Non-Breed cards will be awarded.

Additional rules for Jackson County Youth and Open Model Show:

Paper ribbons will be given to 1-6th place

Youth Classes are not NAMHSA Approved and will not receive NAN cards.  Halters will NOT be required for halter classes.

Youth may enter youth and open classes